10 Real Challenges In Business

10 Real Challenges In Business

For those friends out there who want to immerse themselves in the business, this is something you will experience in 1 to 3 years. After you have saved the time but still survive, you will find the real beat of the game until you reach the point of success .. it’s not easy to satisfy everyone.

1. Not enough time with family.

2. A lot of time is spent on business, but the money in the pocket is enough to eat.

3. Wife, husband, mom, dad, in-laws start fighting. Busy is not a joke, it’s not a success.

4. Whenever the end of the month comes, you will be worried, fearing that the company will not pay enough staff salaries.

5. You are still doing business alone or with a small team. The staff is having a hard time staying.

6. Many heart-warming dramas. To care for the family, the care of the staff and the people around. Even self-esteem is not awake.

7. Cry often on the mats, in the bathroom and in the car. Existing pressure cannot be exerted.

8. Sales are small, they feel like losing their lives.

9. Always talk to yourself. Sometimes smile sometimes sad ..

10. When seeing others succeed in our early days, the downsides, the business sense, the sense of giving up, the sense of why I am no longer successful?

These are some of the things you’re going through. There are actually many more, but we will share this first.

So, you can all decide if you want to get started or not. If you can’t, it’s better to start. His world is harsh and cruel. It wasn’t as beautiful as expected.

It’s not like in the drama that the blazer secretary brings coffee. It didn’t come as fast as expected or seen on Instagram. People in luxury cars eat fancy places, on vacation here and there.

It was a long and very painful journey …

Fall down, get up and do it again. Fall down, get up and run. Repeat, repeat and repeat. The more we try, the better chance we have to succeed …

Get angry … get angry

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