Month: August 2020

Plant Based Diet For Health

How does a plant-based diet help your body? 🌱 Increases weight loss: Due to lower intakes of total fat and saturated fat and higher intake ….

HIIT Training Tabata

HIIT training such as Tabata (20seconds of maximal exercise and 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times for 4-minutes), has been shown to improve VO2max, ….

4 Stages Of Pull Up

HI GUYS! This post is about HOW TO PULL UP correctly. The best way to gain the strength effectively. Pull up is one of the ….

Living On Autopilot

I posted this poll on my Instagram story last week and was not surprised to see 93% of you are living on autopilot. The pandemic ….

Super Spreader Genom 641

ALERT: TAKE MORE VITAMIN C PLEASE. Datuk Dr Hisham explained that Malaysia may be facing a SUPER SPREADER GENOM 641 based on the development of ….

Time For Bed Application

Well, these apps are suitable for control of children who have phone feet and can monitor the activity of using their phone With these apps, ….

Habits Of Successful Dieters

THE SIX HABITS OF SUCCESSFUL DIETERS The sciency mumbo-jumbo behind losing fat is pretty straight forward. Structure your diet and exercise in a way that ….

Some Money Advice

Some money advice for you: 💰Don’t work for money, let it work for you. 💰The single most powerful asset we have is our mind. If ….

Daily Calorie Intake

HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR DAILY CALORIES INTAKE? (Basal metabolic rate X Thermic effect of activity) + Specific Dynamic Action (SDA) For example: My target BMI ….

Body Recomposition

BODY RECOMPOSITION = Fat Fat and raise muscle mass at the same time. This is one of the goals that will be made by an ….

Heart Rate Training Zone

Zone 1 – Healthy Heart Zone: 50% – 60% of your Max Hr Easiest, Most Comfortable Zone Exercise Benefits: Body fat decreases, blood pressure lowered, ….

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