Month: March 2021

Target Love Handles ?

Is there a proven way to shrink your LOVE HANDLES?? Heck YES! Please click SHARE and help spread the word and dispel the myths! YES ….

How Far I Can Push ?

[MORNING SPIRIT MOTIVATION] How far I can push Ask yourself, to what extent do we want to be pushed or pushed ourselves to move forward? ….

Reality Check Financial

Yukon High School held their annual Reality Check this week! During the event, freshman students are assigned a random annual income before traveling to booths ….

Gain Weight Lunch

Weight loss vs. muscle gain meal ideas! Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and a Dinner idea Breakfast fat loss – 2 eggs + 2 egg whites, 1/4 ….

Lee Zii Jia Performance

Performance of a Champ. He was immense throughout the All England Championship this year. Never dropped a game, he had to drop the second game ….

Glutathione Mother All Antioxidants

FIBROMYALGIA? READ THIS!When I was first diagnosed with fybro/ chronic fatigue syndrome back in 2007 by the heat infectious disease doc in Houston, I,had to ….

GPS Smartwatch Save Life

I must share this now This GPS Smartwatch saved my son!Since my son started elementary school, I have always worried about his safety. I was ….

Master That Ball Barefoot

RONALDINHO GAUCHO: ” My father told me that it was better to learn to master the ball barefoot to have sensitivity in the foot and ….

Variation Water Levels

VARIATION IN WATER LEVELS#. TissuesLean tissues have higher fluid content than fat tissues.#. GenderMales have more lean tissue and more body fluids.#. AgeLean tissue is ….

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