3 Steps To Recover From A Dull Moment

3 Steps To Recover From A Dull Moment

Many days I actually messed up. Ordinary humans have a dull moment. There are things that happen lately that bring me down, stress & anger.
Quick trigger, no motivation & inactive.

so how do you get up?
1. take a rest. spend time with nature
around, cherish the people of the neighborhood & the environment. Observe other people around us who live worse than us, such as beggars, municipal council workers, bangla and so on.

2. Slow down from social media. stop scrolling FB for a while- this FB can sometimes trigger a downward spiral.
to make us feel when we look at other people’s lives.
read from a book source, magazine (offline). just read one book and spend.

3. Increase writing (take pen and write)
things to write about like gratitude. the things we are grateful for in our lives.
besides rewriting the dreams of our lives.
write a plan and a strategy. if you don’t have anything to write, then take a pen and a piece of paper and scrape it off.

and then restart the daily routine of successful people between them
1. Train yourself to bed early as early as 9pm
2. Train yourself early as early as 4am
3. Re-focus on the thing or work we need to do

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