3 Ways to Get More Followers & Like on Social Media

3 Ways to Get More Followers & Like on Social Media

Last night I heard FB Live Irfan Khairi. He has 3 share concepts that make it easy for us to get lots of followers and likes on social media. It applies to FB, Instagram and YouTube.

1) Make It Start

To get a lot of followers, it’s impossible to become a reality if we don’t start posting. Didn’t start making videos on YouTube. Some people find it difficult to start a post because they lack followers

“How can I write, not many followers?”

Many find it hard to write anything because they think anyone will read it. Follower’s not much. This kind of mindset is what keeps us from growing a large number of followers.

Those with a million followers first started with 0.

2) Consistent

Start making daily posts / videos on a consistent basis. Make daily posts of just 1. Even 1 video per Week.

Keeping videos on YouTube once a week continuously is better than making videos 5 times a week and stopping at that point. The next post is out of the question.

Even social media likes people who are consistent. These posts will be upgraded for greater access. More people will see our post, like our post and like our follow.

3) Response and Reply
No matter the name of social media, then we must be socially active. Not just diligent post, we must also diligently like, comment someone else’s post. If anyone comments on our post, they must reply.

We are also encouraged to comment on other people’s posts on other people’s pages, and also interact in groups. This concept applies to FB, IG and YouTube as well. We are considered One who meets our social media needs to be active. So, the post is also easy to see by many friends and followers.

It’s easy to get this many followers. Let’s practice any of our posts, reach more people and make a positive impact on them.

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