5 Things For PROMOTION

5 Things For PROMOTION



Let the ads be consistent. Continuous. Do not STOP. In short, this ad does not have the term HOLIDAY. Try looking at KFC ads. Until now non stop. So, please mirror ourselves. That’s why I remind business children not to complain if the new ads are just a snippet.


Must be CLEAR & INTERESTING. Because human beings are quickly attracted to something interesting. If possible, let the picture “live”. Do you understand? If there is more capital, shoot the studio, use the model. Follow each other’s creativity.


-Establish good relationships with customers. Don’t la ‘sis..sis. ‘. Ask die name, already know name, call her name. And diligent sketch click on emoticon. There he felt comfortable and seemed to know us for 10 years.


Ok, wake up in the morning, the intention in my heart is how many sales that day. And the intention is to help people, to make people beautiful. Believe me when in the morning we have such intentions, do not be surprised sales that day sometimes more than we target. This is my secret. Do not intend to make MONEY alone. There will be no sales that day. Believe me.


Now the world is all at your fingertips right? Do you have a business like in the past? Tap 1 door to 1 door. Bring stuff, it’s hot. Who wears a shirt, sweat runs out of warm underarm ? 1 click 1 customer. Offer friends and ask for viral products. If you want more, give a PROMOTION. Because our people are allergic to the words PROMOTION and FREE.


Story telling. Our people like to read stories. So try to make a story. Writing is like talking. People want to know FEEL and fulfill his EMOTION. There is no need to write an essay to describe the scientific name of the material or the name of the product. NO POINT. People don’t even want to know. What people want to know, what benefits the product can give to him.

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