5 Tips For Facebook Engagement

5 Tips For Facebook Engagement

Message lyna noh to us who post no like, read right right. To the children of my biz, and all those who are new to online business, do not be upset if there are no likes, no comments, etc. Do not be frustrated when you are tired of training agents but one by one withdraw. Keep writing and sharing. Rest assured that someone can benefit. The most beneficial is yourself. God sees your efforts and surely He has a better plan. Just keep on doing, be positive, never give up!


Ok tips for engagement want to like there are many, but if you want to be interesting can read near this webbomba, can try which know effective with your business. Let’s read what you should try below.

Simple – Posts that get a lot of engagement are posts that are simple but dense in content. The longer you post, the less engagement you can get. All this is not nonsense, it has been proven from statistics.

Questions – When you post in the form of questions, you get more engagement. Even if you just ask, “HI, WHAT ARE YOU EATING THIS MORNING?”

Share – When you post you put a link to another article that has a long content, more and more people will respond to your post. Either via Like, Comment or Share.

Timing – We used to be busy publishing post-peak time because we want people to see our post quickly. But, peak hour time is the source of our mountains news feed. Busy to scroll FB to the bottom, is there time for that person to like to comment on the post you ols? Because now you ols will get more engagement bile post time off peak because people are not very busy, so a lot of time to respond to post you ols which is not that much kot.

Visual – Humans are lazy. Want to read a post you ols that kind of essay is not enough paragraph that it is not. It’s easier for people, more people like it. That’s why posts in the form of pictures are easy to get engaged on Facebook. The most effective is video post. This is the easiest to share!

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