7 Reasons You Need To DETOX Your Body

7 Reasons You Need To DETOX Your Body

Someone asked, why a detox? Ready for another campaign? Suddenly, many people told me about this detox.

All this time I’ve been healthy. Never got sick until getting into the ward. After all, I sometimes go jogging or cycling with other members up to 30-40km.

I does not deny that he has practiced a healthy lifestyle. Should be no problem. I want to share an important reason why we needs detox.

1. Remove “Toxins”

Our bodies are exposed to toxins (environmental pollutants, chemicals, preservatives, insecticides & heavy metals) that can cause life-threatening illnesses. Our situation is not like that of our grandparents in the 50’s / 60’s. Very different.

For example in people with constipation. Some of the causes are constipation because the processed food waste is less fiber and less nutrient. In fact, most of the foods we take are high in sugar, salt, seasonings and even unhealthy fats that are slowly accumulating in our intestines. That’s one of the reasons why you need to detox, or “flush” the leftovers.

The accumulation of these residues usually results in weight loss being difficult to lose and easily bloated or worse, we may have diseases such as colon cancer or colorectal cancer. The colon is one of the body’s digestive systems and it needs to be cleaned and emptied to ensure it works. Through detox, it helps cleanse the colon and not only relieves constipation, it also promotes a healthier digestive system and removes waste and chemicals from the body.

2. Prevent Chronic Illness
Although our body already has its own digestive system, it is still inadequate because of the excessive environmental pollution and chemicals contained in our daily diet.

3. Enhance the Immune System of the Body
Did you know that these Free radicals are very dangerous to our body and are very much around us?

What does the free radical have to do with this immune system?
No, let’s share some info about it.

Free radicals are molecules that lack one electron, making them unstable and constantly trying to extract electrons from other molecules or cells. Free radicals are produced by our body’s metabolism and also have a number of external factors such as cigarette smoke, ultra-violet radiation, chemicals in foods and other pollutants.

Diseases caused by free radicals are chronic, which can take years for the disease to manifest. Examples of diseases often associated with free radicals are heart attacks and cancer.

One of the things we want to do is detox, it helps us to avoid toxins so it doesn’t help in the production of free radicals, and our body will focus more on strengthening its natural defense system!

Why do you need to keep detoxing consistently? Because it can help strengthen the functioning of the body’s immune system and fight infections. Usually the body is not prone to cold or flu infections. It indirectly affects a more productive life

4. Helps to Lose Weight
When we do detox, our body functions healthy and effective like in the early days. Indirectly, our body is able to burn fat stored in fat cells more effectively and it also increases the body’s metabolism. So it’s easy to lose weight.

5. Look Younger than Age. MORE THAN US
The detox process removes all the heavy metals and free radicals that cause aging. At the same time, it helps to increase the absorption rate of nutrients including vitamins and antioxidants taken from healthy eating.

6. More Powerful Body.
Naturally, the organs in our body do detox to remove toxins, but it requires a lot of energy to function! The amount of energy used depends on the amount of toxin it processes. Lack of energy will make you feel tired quickly and this is a sign that your body is full of toxins. Through detox, it helps support the organ to release toxins, gives the body more energy and stamina to do more fun things!

Even I himself felt the effects after practicing this detox program. Sleep is better and less sleepy during the day. The body is stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

7. Skin Has Been More Beautiful

The largest external organ in our body is the skin. It also symbolizes our inner health. Skin helps in removing toxins and impurities by sweating, and when the system and sweat glands are filled with toxins, it can lead to a variety of unhealthy skin conditions including acne.

If the toxin accumulates faster than it is removed, the higher the amount of toxin accumulated in our blood. Detox helps to remove toxins from the body and when they are no longer accumulated, we can see significant changes in the skin.

Let’s imagine having clean, beautiful skin. Who doesn’t want to? Especially for women.

In conclusion, there are many benefits that we can gain from this detox process. It helps a lot in the health of our body. That’s it, we want to use this body not for a moment. We even want to grow old. So, our bodies need to be “serviced” frequently by the detox process.

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