7 Tips For Weight Loss

7 Tips For Weight Loss

Beginning in 2019, everyone is eager to lose weight and now they want to anchor the curtains 2019. Follow these 7 tips on how to lose weight to reach your new year’s target.


Food portions need to be reduced. When you reduce your portion of food, we reduce calories in

For rice, no more than a fist for lunch. At dinner time, no more than half a fist

For side dishes, make sure no more than one lunch time palm & no more than half a dinner time

2. Increase the Drinking Water

Empty water is 0 calories. Sweet water produces many calories. So from today, drinking empty water is ok

Aim to consume 3 Liters of water a day. When we drink empty water before eating, we can quickly feel full. This means that we will avoid taking extra calories in our meals


Carbohydrates are of two types. One good buffalo & one bad buffalo. A good buffalo is a buffalo with a low glyacaemic index (low G.I)

So it has to change:

White rice -> War / Parboiled rice

White Bread -> Wholemeal Bread

Potatoes -> Sweet potatoes

Well -> Wholemeal Gecko

It’s easy … hehe ..


The mistake many people have for dieting is not getting enough protein. Protein is important for maintaining muscle mass

If we lose weight but lose muscle, our diet actually drops! We’re going to lose health and lose weight fast and it’s hard to lose weight since we lost a lot of muscle …

Make sure to consume no less than 0.8g of protein / kg daily weight

Example: Body Weight- 80KG

-> 0.8 x 80 = 64 grams of protein a day. 64 grams of this protein should be distributed evenly throughout the day

If you eat 5 x a day, so 64/5 = 12.8 grams of protein content per serving

Good protein is low in fat / low fat and is also packed with essential amino acids like soy beans, fish, shrimp, lean meat, eggs & lean meat


We need 25 grams of fiber a day. Fiber is important for bowel health & also for a longer fullness

Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, legumes & supplements like Herbalife Mixed Fiber with Inulin

Be sure to take a wide variety of low-calorie fiber to supplement our daily 25 grams of fiber


Recent studies show a combination of cardio exercise and resistance training can help you lose weight faster & maintain ideal weight longer

Cardio exercises like brisk walking, biking, jogging & swimming will increase your body’s metabolism & burn calories

Resistance Training is like lifting weights, weight lifting & diaphragms to build muscle mass & increase Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). The higher the BMR, the more calories our bodies burn

Many people can start exercise. But not many people can consistently work out 3-5x a week

If you want to lose 10KG by the end of this year, make sure the CONCLUSION is ok


We are our friends! If our close friends don’t care about health care & nutrition, we can be easily influenced by them

A good Circle needs a mentor or Coach who will guide & guide us to the results we want

If in that group there are many differences, we will confius. Better we choose a circle of only one mentor who will guide us to the desired results


Let’s practice the 7 Tips above. Coach wishes the uols to lose weight by the end of this year.

If you want to stay motivated & want Coach guide step by step to achieve better results, join us now

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