Abstinence Modern Style

Abstinence Modern Style

If everyone is abstinent, they used to have a story, it was crazy woo, all kinds of tips that I got from my wife and mother. Some say you can’t eat this and so on. But when times have changed, we have to change the pattern of thinking, and all kinds of new knowledge that we can learn from this taboo. I’m a man, and I think I also share some stories about abstinence that I myself have from my wife and mother

Why Abstinence?

The most important question, for mothers and fathers. Oklah happy story after childbirth, of course a lot of wounds, or stitches and no less also the mother will be tired. Hoo, it hurts woo. If it has to be cured, it is worse, the stomach has to be cut. Can’t always want to cut into pieces, danger. So that is why we have to abstain, so that we can take care of our health, and these mothers can avoid getting worse and so on. This abstinence may seem obligatory, but that is the fact that modern midwives recognize today. Caring for the mother’s body after childbirth is very important, so that it does not become harmful afterwards.

What kind of abstinence is that?

Hoo, I don’t want to tell you, but what I see is of course taking care of the food. Foods that have a good source of protein such as fish can help heal wounds that occur during childbirth. Then you also have to take care of eating, do not get constipated, bertunngku and so on. That has not yet entered the old saying, do not walk a lot, drink hot water, do not eat greasy things, do not eat chicken, hooo. Oklah, that’s all taboo according to the customs of each place. Only in Malaysia, of course, mixed with the old people’s customs of our society !!!

Abstinence With Shaklee?

Hahha, this is the modern way that people now do. Not running now, many mothers take Shaklee supplements for abstinence, and use fb, email, watch tv and so on. You can watch the video below. My wife became a lawyer like that. Admittedly by modern midwives themselves, Shaklee products are very suitable for mothers who want to abstain in a modern way, while maintaining customs and diet during abstinence.

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