Accelerated Mobile Page

Accelerated Mobile Page

If you have ever opened a blog on FB now, very fast, keep reading, lost sidebar, ads all, that’s all the latest project work, last year it felt like it was there. called Accelerated Mobile Pages. Hhaha, this is google’s latest project, I want to make loading our blog fast loading. FB more on instant article, so fast time loading.

Because we want to upgrade vivix sales, that’s why we are developing a new baby, DietDietSihat.COM. That’s the article, make it to the wordpress platform which has many plugins and more sophisticated. so here is set for amp for google and fb. But for fb, I have set to send a review, because on FB he has to review and so on. please hope oklah, no problem very much. Hhaha, the handler has an effort, from last month, our latest vivix project, you can join for anyone who is really busy, crazy, but also want to do business.

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