Anxiety Disorder – Feel Very Near To Death

Anxiety Disorder – Feel Very Near To Death

As people who have never felt it, we do not understand. When they see they have shortness of breath, chest pain, and indifference. At that time they only thought about going to the hospital, because the death was near.

At first glance they look like healthy people, but the fact is that everything is playing out in the mind.

Often these attacks are repeated. Those who are experiencing this problem often have experienced the same problem before.

As a doctor, we give you an emergency response. They said they could not breathe and needed oxygen. I always treat them just because they want to feel safe with the oxygen supply. But often it doesn’t take long. They find that oxygen supply is not beneficial to them. Still having difficulty breathing.

As a doctor, I did a basic examination. These include blood pressure readings, heart rate readings, pulmonary respiratory examinations. Everything is normal.

For inexperienced doctors, they will not understand. Because it is not detected by physical examination. It all plays on the patient’s mind.

Anxiety will make a person feel anxious for no reason, be hard to breathe, heart beat quickly, can’t sleep, think too much at a time, and most fear is always thinking about death without any logical reason.

There are usually factors that trigger this anxiety attack. Because the cause of anxiety starts in the mind, it is often the mental factors such as stress, fatigue, problems and loneliness and lack of family support that are the cause of the onset of anxiety attacks. Unfortunately most of them are unaware that they are under stress. When asked, they said they did not experience emotional stress.

Recovery is definitely time consuming because there is no cure for the problem. The sedative from the hospital will help calm the mood for a while, but it cannot be taken on a regular basis as it is worrying that it will always depend on the medication.

Get guidance and support from skilled people. Not necessarily a doctor because some untrained doctors want this kind of problem. Can get guidance from a counselor or psychologist.

Without proper guidance, the patient will always be in fear. Afraid to sleep, scared to go out. Always anxious, loss of appetite and always tired and tired.

Always think of things that don’t make sense. For example “if I do this, I might die” This is why life is always so worried and sad. Sometimes they become negative about many ordinary things because they are too worried.

I’m trying to give you some guidance.

1. Try to draw closer to God. Pray prayers, practice circumcision such as meditation, read the Quran, pray. Exercise our dependence on God. Don’t expect things. If that feeling comes up, say “Oh God make my business easier”.

2. Stay away from negative people. The three negative markers are complaining, ridiculing and looking down or looking for someone else. If he is in a state of ridicule, cursing or swearing, the person must leave immediately.

3. Find positive friends. The three signs of a person being positive are respecting or respecting us, always telling good stories about others and always reminding us to seek God’s help.

4. Get and read motivational books, showcase inspiring stories and become part of the (usrah) group of tazkirahs that revive the religious soul.

5. Mindset. Always hope in God. Say, “God is always with people who pray and be patient. God is with me. All this trouble is just a test of my obedience”

6) Find friends who can do fun activities together. Do lightweight exercises like walking in the park, jogging or playing badminton. If you have no friends, ask your husband, children, siblings to avoid thinking too much and being anxious.

7) Don’t sleep alone. Always sleep with friends to help with anxiety attacks such as insomnia, anxiety, headaches, chest pain or shortness of breath.

8) Take care of our diet. Avoid sweet and sugary drinks. Take lots of fruits and vegetables. Take protein from white meat sources like fish and eggs. Take healthy oils like olive oil and avocado. Drink enough water.

In conclusion, I believe that those with this problem can be treated slowly. The support of family and friends is very important. Put our trust in God.

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