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3 Deposit Funds

We will be DIVINE and RIGHT with the preparation of these 3 Deposits. 1. Financial Deposit Fund Every month, There is a portion of our ….

MLM Business Presentation

More questions we like to ask during business presentations with leads, “Have you been to any MLM business before?”. If their answer is “never”, you ….

Benefits Of Zinc

📌 For the body’s immune system – helps activate the body’s immune cells including T-Cells in the body (this is important as it will respond ….

Supplement For Gastric

Gastric is one of the inflammations in the abdominal wall. The cause of gastric ulcer is because they do not maintain a consistent and orderly ….

Wish To Be Better

“Dont wish to be easier. Wish to be better ” Before removing the wisdom tooth, I already knew it was painful. I just think like ….

Shaklee Intake Guides

HOW TO SEE THE VITAMIN SHAKLEE YOU NEED TO KNOW AFTER SUCCESS The recommended vitamins taken in the morning are vitamins that serve to provide ….