B-Complex Shaklee

B-Complex Shaklee

Alhamdulillah, yesterday how could I not have time to make an entry, today I have to do a lot of entries, because I have a holiday, oklah, according to day 6, he said he wants to know his favorite supplement oklah, today I want to share among my favorite vitamins is vitamin B hooo yes !!!

Hoo Stresss !!!

Hahhaha, one of the good things about this vitamin is the story about stress. If you are stressed, it is actually good to take vitamin B. Among the good ones is B5, for us to be relieved. But when it comes to stress, do not take vitamin B to eat, you have to do other practices as well. For example, if we are angry, it is good that we take ablution and circumcision prayers. Hoo, another tip to reduce stress is near the bottom.

Stress Tips Dr Fadzilah kamsah

Extra stress tips again


Hahhaha, it is important for our body to convert food into energy, and that energy must be used, otherwise it will be fat. But to convert, you have to take vitamin B, it is good to convert food into energy. Hoo that’s good, then energetic. yehaaa. But no, if you want the best you can read more below about vitamin B

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