Beautiful From Within

Beautiful From Within

Alhamdulillah, today I was interested in Zainah Mukhtar’s husband’s poster about chicken pox scars. This brother is the best, he started to get scarred, but after that, it ‘s good, practice slowly, finally his face is getting more and more beautiful. Why is that so?

If we are ordinary people, if the scars are on the outside, oh we have to apply the XXX cap cream, it will disappear, it will be beautiful, eh scars, wear makeup that will continue to be beautiful, even 10 inches thick. The answer is, if he does not check the contents of the cream and makeup that contain harmful chemicals, the skin will be damaged. Did you see that ? external treatment, may not necessarily treat the underlying cause of skin disease.

Allah swt has created our body system the best. Do you usually see cholesterol spots? used to see acne? used to see scars? they are all signs that our body has a problem. Acne is the same, all our body hormones are unstable, acne starts to grow. Pulp scars are a quick response when there is cell damage to the skin, so scars quickly rise to protect internal cells, before new skin really wants to grow.

So do not be surprised, eating this  is not just magic to keep eating beautiful. Many do not want to understand the concept, know how to eat esp so big, elastic. Our body is a combination of trillion cells. Our cells need food, and cell food is PROTEIN. Protein must have 9 types of essential amino acids, and this protein our body can not make. People say eating protein is okay, right? Hoo, we are about to eat this fish meat, can we make sure the protein is enough? How to cook protein can damage the protein. Because of that, you have to take extra supplements, ye  Protein is the best. In addition to vitamin C and vitamin E, it will strengthen the internal healing process, before it beautifies the exterior. Vitamin C is a booster of collagen formation, vitamin E also accelerates wound healing.

So when we want to beautify our exterior, remember, please beautify your interior. How ? his concept is that we have to get enough nutrients that the body needs. What happens outside, which has been seen, is a sign that God wants to show, our body is sick.

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