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Blog SEO

The first blog class I came to, under the tutelage of wak zainul and akacan. Nowadays, I still want to be a retro like rashid test. Among the things I discussed with him about SEO, I remember when I asked about the Black HAT strategy used by SEO experts around the world.

But as wak zainul said, it all doesn’t matter, the most important thing is to always update first, later I’ll be smart, just think about SEO Hahhaha, the story about this update is also interesting, the reason we were busy celebrating last month, we were taken to Selayang for COD a bottle of vivix. When the customer was asked, apparently he read a lot of blog entries, but he looked at the blog, last update was 2014, 2013. Luckily he read our most recent entry, Feb 2016. He saw that we were always updating, and thought we were still active do business again, compared to other blogs he reads.

Indeed, if you have said SID PRO, of course every day must be updated about business, so that people do not know pulak, business still works. Always update and promote, only then will they know out there. Thank you customers who taught us both to always ask for blog updates, the craziest one day entry.

Going back to the story below, it feels like this morning I bought a delicious packaged nasi lemak, that time came with vitamin literacy, salwaishak, shainashop and many more. Regardless, mami Hadha’s old house used to be the best, in the future you can run happily while making a video clip, yehaaa !!!!!

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