Blogspot and Fanpage

Blogspot and Fanpage

Alhamdulillah, today I can teach supermom boys about the advantages of blogspot and facebook page. they all have advantages and disadvantages. want to compare this thing is really hard, until r.u R.u. Adyani Ab Rahman became saturated learning blogspot and page.

blogspot is an easy and quick way to have a blog. since google bought blogspot, everything is already on google server. many famous bloggers all use blogspot. but wordpress pays more organized and systematic apart from the advanced plug-ins and many layouts and other things can be made.

facebook page is an interesting system when combined with our blog. use the best page when we can test all our blog titles with more strategies. page can be edited for more powerful pictures. the advantages of page statistics can be used to see the effectiveness of our titles. besides can re-share the same article because there are search lenses compared to personal fb. but personal fb is easier, many followers, easy to gather and socialize. followers are easy to stick to compared to likers page.

finally, a system is born that can be used, make the best use of the free, before deciding to move to a better system. in the end it is easy and cheap if duplicated, it becomes a great power. commitment is the determinant of all systems created. this is a difficult lesson, the difference between regular bloggers for their own sales and  leaders who need to make sure the system they create is easy to duplicate. that is the lesson of blogspot and facebook page for today.

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