Business Must Follow System To Grow

Business Must Follow System To Grow

Best Business Lesson I’ve Learned so Far

When I started my business (about 10 years ago), I didn’t follow the system. I thought it was too simple. In my engineering practice, things were rarely simple. Everything had lots of moving parts. There were lots of extras and footnotes and back up plans and options, because engineering is complicated.

So I started adding things to my network marketing business. Soon I found out that network marketing is different. I had some early success in the business, but it didn’t get duplicated.

Every time I added more advanced techniques, thinking will make the business stronger. But then I realised, I only made it worse. I can understand it, I can do it, but not everyone else, unfortunately.

Eventually I took out the techniques, go to basics and let the system run the way it was supposed to. I focused on doing basic things only and on my lead, I taught my new recruits to do the same.

That’s when my business started to grow again. Since it is easier to train a new distributor when you keep things simple, the growth is more sustainable.

When a distributor signs up, most of their training is already done because they have seen you do things the right way. All they have to do, is duplicate!

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