Change Your Mindset On Prospecting Approaching

Change Your Mindset On Prospecting Approaching

I’m pretty sure most of us are like this.

When our friends share products they are using, we were so afraid of being approach and being ask to try this and that. And when they text us, we ignore their message or just seen their chat, with not a single reply.

I used to be like that. But now, I changed.

Reason because :
During this pandemic, I realize there are many people actually struggling to earn an extra penny to bring food on the table. So if they are promoting products, that means they found opportunity during this difficult time, and if they aren’t starting with family and friends, how else would they start?

Second, I really think we people need to change our mindset. How many of us would think when a friend promote us something, he/she is trying to earn from us? If you think that way, then you should change!

Other than trying to make a living, your friends may share out of good intention. Because we wont really know if the person need what we share if we never share, you get what I mean? People are trying to make a living in a halal way, if they are selling in a legal manner, you really shouldn’t think he or she is trying to earn money from you. Instead support them if you were true friends. If you cant buy from them, promote them instead to others who might be interest with it. It doesnt cost a fortune to share. And if you buy from them, please dont ask for any discount. You buy things at supermarket, you dont ask for discount right?

And if you really not interest with what was being offer, have the courtesy to just reply with a polite message saying you are not interested, or any other reason you are not supporting at that time. I’m pretty sure we all get it. We can never expect what we offer, people will accept right away cause we have the choice to say yes or no.

Also, think of the bright side. Alot of incidents on sharing is, you got into the journey you never thought of. Your friendship went to another level. You gain new experience.

Great things happen when you have a different mindset. 😉❤️


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