Covid-19 Affect More Locals

Covid-19 Affect More Locals

BAD NEWS reported in the Star today:

Meanwhile, Dr Noor Hisham also said that the number of Covid-19 infections found at workplaces have affected more locals.

“Initially, over 60% of those infected at workplaces are foreign workers but now we are seeing more positive cases among Malaysians.

“This means the infections have spread into the community, ” he said.

According to projections we can hit 5,000 daily cases by March. Scary. Looks like the worse is yet to come.

Please do not go out unnecessarily. The virus is now all over the place. Only last week two of my friends have Covid infection in their families. They are now doing house quarantine. Avoid shopping malls n air conditioned premises. Forget dining at restaurants. Tapau or Food Delivery. Home cooked even better. Stay safe.

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