Deadlift Technique

Deadlift Technique

Today we want to talk about the deadlift and the waist. Why people say dangers, why people say good things.

There is a deadlift that keeps getting injured and the slipped disc. Some make it stronger (hundreds of kilos are possible).

It comes back to technique, intensity, and body condition. If we do everything wrong, even biceps play can be injured.

The wrong technique is when you lift your hips properly. See a picture of a dinosaur painting below, are you a dinosaur?

The right way is to lift your whole body. The start of the deadlift is with the legs to lift off. The body will remain neutral.

The back will move your body straight. The waist and back are in stationary contraction.

It’s just a deadlift, not a dinosaur. But, if I could be a dinosaur I’d be a T-Rex. Only, short hands cannot be deadlifts.

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