Dehydration Make Us Sick

Dehydration Make Us Sick

Hi everyone, we meet again , today, this morning, I just read and scroll my Facebook news feed. This morning I just read Master Hadhatina sharing about metabolism and dehydration, very colorful info-graphics that you all can share to your time lines, of make it as your personal notes. Lets discuss this topic, which I refer  to this info-graphic. You can download it and share, don’t forget to credit the original author. First, after wake up from sleep, try drink cold water. Now got energy to write this article dehydration


My old time story, I learn this term of water, everyone know water is combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen, the popular terms is H2O. I learn about water, how to filter water so that its very clean. This water, can be at ph level 7, its mean that water is natural. If you want to have this water, you can heat or cook water. Nowadays everyone like to have water filter, that one got cool and hot system, so that you can make milk for your babies. Talk about water, several facts here will you to understand why you need to drinks”empty water” not coca-cola or teh tarik everyday.

1. Percentage of Water In Human Body

We can read Quran, its was stated that all living things in this world were made by water. Humans were made by sand. Human body, the complex system in our body also consist of water. All this facts, from the info-graphics, shows that:

  • Bloods contain 92% of water
  • Bones contain 22% of water
  • Muscles contain 75% of water

That why when you eat supplements, you should drink more water, to make sure your body can process the supplement go into your body, and also maintaining the body system so that it functioning well. Lack of water reduce the function of your supplements, and take longer time to see differences.

2. Lose Weight

Research shows that when you drink 8 ounces of water, before breakfast, after lunch, and dinner, your chance of getting weight reduction is higher, while you cut some of bad portion of foods, such as saturated-fat and rice. Some dietitian suggest volume of water to take depends on our weight, approximately 1 liter for 25 kg of your weight. Many tips that you can apply to get enough water.  Using different bottles per day, let say mineral water bottle of 500 ml can be used to estimate how many quantity of water you should drink everyday. Let say your weight is 75 kg, the amount of water you should drink  is 75/25 equals to 3 liter per day. so 3 liter per day, you can have 3000/500 = 6 different mineral bottles in your house.

3. Drinks Plain Water

Can you imagine that, by increasing your water consumption, 1.5 liters per day, you can burn almost 17600 calories, approximately you will lose 5  pounds. But remember, please drink plain water, not   “teh tarik” of ice tea. You should know that, taking sugar will decrease amount of water. Why ? Because that converting sugar to energy require extra amounts of water, so that all the sugar your takes can be used wisely. That why if you want glowing skin, please drink a lot of plain water, and avoid this kind of sweet water, and also don’t take 3-in-1 drinking packs.


Now lets discuss some major problem you will face if you don’t take enough water. Dehydration can cause lot of trouble, so please take notes all of this effects below. I think everyone has this problem, whether you are sportsman, working at office or just busy housewives. Lets see what dehydration can cause you big problems.

1. Fatigue

Water is the most important energy sources for your body, if you don’t drink enough, you will feel tired and fatigue. Please take note for those who work in front of computer, always drinks more water, so that you can finish your job, and your mental are fresh. Some of us, always feel sleepy after breakfast !!!

2. Asthma and Allergies.

It is easy, when your body need water, it will reduce the airways in your body, that will cause asthma and allergies. When you feel so hard to breath, its mean that your body require a lots of water.  Lacking water will signal your body cause allergies. Allergies can cause level of Histamine in your body increased, and this will worsen inflammation reactions, make you feel uncomfortable and expose to different types of diseases.

3. High Cholesterol

When your body dehydrated, it will produce cholesterol, just to prevent loss of water from the cell. This is not mean, you should take higher cholesterol foods, because everyone know that cholesterol is not good for our health, maybe you will have heart and diabetes later.

4. Bladder or Kidney Problems

Dehydrated make toxins increase, this will thrive bacteria and viruses. This condition is not good for your kidney and bladder, as your body to be more prone to inflammation, infection and pain. Plus, please control your diets, as it will slowly expose to kidney failure.

5. Constipation

You will sit down in toilet for longer our, oh just because your body lack of water. To make sure your colon works well, its will make a liquid so that wastes from your body can move out easily. If your want to flush out you wastes in your body easily, please drink  a lot of waters, of you will suffer from constipation.

6. Weight Gain

Earlier chapter we talk about this. If you drinks more, your chances to burn fat is higher. Meanwhile, if you lack of water, your body will be full of toxins, attached to a cell , and make your body weak, plus with extra kilos, and somehow its make you so fats. Drinks a lot of water help cells to detox more toxins from your body.

7. Premature Aging

Avoid smoking, avoid sugar drinking water, and please please, drink plain water. Your largest organ in your body, the skin will start wrinkle and wither. Everyone look at you like 40 years old, although your true age is 25. Oh that mean, you need more water and more water. Plus, again, please avoid sweet drinks and smoking.

8. High Blood Pressure

When dehydrated, your blood will become more thicker, this will increase resistance to blood flow, make your blood pressure higher. 92% percent of your blood is water, so drinks more water, will make your blood thin with water, easy to flow to whole body. Anyway, to have a good blood pressure, please reduce cholesterol intakes and takes more antioxidants foods like VIVIX.

9. Digestive Disorders

As your body need more water, with alkaline minerals, its will help your digestion to work properly. Lack of water, with additions of acidic minerals, plus with toxins, can create another problem to your digestion. Some of this problems are ulcers, gastritis and acid reflux. So for those whose always complain about gastric problem , please consider extra waters in your diets.


I know that sometimes, to tell the truth, we Malaysian people actually loss more waters everyday, due to bad habits of diets, exposure to free radicals, smoke from industries and vehicles, and the worst case is we just drink small amount of plain water everyday. That why some of us is looking too old. So I want to advice myself and readers out there, take initiatives to drinks enough water everyday. Ok that all for this morning. Thank you for reading.

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  1. For anti aging food you might wanna try different kinds of oil such as flaxseed oil and coconut oil. these has rejuvenating effects on the skin.

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