Detox Shaklee

Detox Shaklee

Shaklee detox set

Why a detox?

~ Our bodies are exposed to toxins From the environment, unhealthy nutrition And life stress.

~ Frequent and repeated exposure weakens the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins.

~ it causes the accumulation of toxins that can lead to various diseases.

Therefore, regular detox practices are important for health.


7 benefits of detox

√ lose weight
√Colons are healthier
√ Increase energy
√Controls your appetite
√ skin is prettier
√ Strengthen the immune system
Sleep more Lena

# DTX®complex
√ Supports healthy liver function using herbs formulation that protects and stimulates liver function

√ stimulate the bowel movement to accelerate the body’s natural healing process

#Alfalfa complex
Al Alfalfa is known as a nutrient repository. Its roots reach up to 6meter. Provides a variety of nutrients and brightens

#Peppermint ginger plus
√ Supports digestive system
√ Avoid constipation

√ Delicious botanical beverages containing shaklee-specific botanical blends including polygonomic extract, cuspidetum, muscadine grapes, elderberry, europe And purple carrot

Let’s practice detox!

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