Dora Biggest Problem

Dora Biggest Problem

Do not be “DORA”, Things In Front Of The Eyes, But Lazy, Today, how many times have our children installed, it seems that it can reach one thousand and twenty-eight times. What kind of behavior does Dora really have on this. Hahahha, I want to say there are jokes, usually Malaysians TROLL, every thing there is joke they want to troll. But I think back, yeah, right. This is our problem, we can not want to try a little. Things are right in front of my eyes, but temperament, oh beat the donkey.

We should not be like dora on top of that. Hahaha, dora she wants to study, she asked the boy please answer for her. But we are not slaves. We have grown up, we have a little effort. Yes, dare to move a little look. Everything in Malaysia already exists, in the old days of our father’s mother, everything was difficult, the internet was not there, so other things, things that are impossible, are impossible.

But our times are all here, do you want to? Everything is right in front of your eyes, you want to learn to be a dentist, you can watch youtube, you can study near google. But as far as wanting to add extra money, wanting to find extra income because salary money needs to be cut, you have to put in a little effort. Everything is in sight, the important thing is you keep fighting. No need to blame others, no need to blame God, God knows HIS work better than you.

This attitude is not a joke, maybe as a child, we have been taught, all the things our father’s mother shared, so we are happy. But the funny thing is, the attitude has to be bribed, it has to be done, it has to be helped until it is big and long, it has to be helped as well, the answer is your fate, until when you do not grow up, mature. Don’t let us not be independent, you will be bullied by politicians who sow promises.

Finally, you see the cartoon above, it’s funny to fail. Whoever sees dora, he understands. But if you look at the basics, you do not see, this cartoon means a lot. I’m also afraid to be like “DORA”. everything in front of your eyes, just a little effort. Like for this , a lot of upline things to do, a little effort to look back at old notes. Do not be “DORA”, ask it this way. Hhahaha, DORA’s childhood is cute, even big time is like DORA, damn it !!!!

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