Energizing Soy Protein ESP

Energizing Soy Protein ESP


1. ESP is a soy protein derived from plants that is easier to digest than animal-derived protein.

2. Energizing Soy Protein (ESP) is made from non-GMO soy (it’s safe from toxins) and is the only product containing 22 types of amino acids, and it contains 9 essential amino acids for the body’s function and it It cannot be produced by the human body, it is suitable for all age groups.

3. Also, each canister of Energizing Soy Protein (ESP) comes from 30Kg of soybeans and is an ENERGY BOOSTER that can last for hours.

4. It is processed using water instead of alcohol to preserve the content of isoflavone.
Isoflavone acts to help reduce the risk of cancer, it also acts as an antioxidant.

Other benefits to those who practice ESP as a daily drink: –
❤️ Strengthen the immune system.
❤️ Improve cholesterol levels.
❤️ Maintains heart health.
❤️ Provides continuous energy.
❤️ It contains calcium to prevent bone fragility as soy powder is usually acidic.
❤️ It’s low in fat and without cholesterol.
❤️ Helps make the skin radiant and supple.
❤️ Stimulates skin & muscle regeneration.
❤️ Reduces wrinkles, accelerates wound healing and can reduce scarring.
❤️ Did you know that cells are made of protein? Therefore, it is important to get high quality protein for new cells to replace old or dead cells.

Healthy cells are easier to absorb substances and vitamins and will be easier to obtain if you consistently use Energizing Soy Protein (ESP). That’s why I recommend taking ESP for everyone who buys vitamins.

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