In this epidural, no one has a chance to see anesthetized, her needle lengths.1st time, doc time to break her nerves EMERGENCY CZER. We are the ones who can withstand contraction only able to shed tears while the doc explains psl operation, blood spills and so on.
In OT, as the doc pushes further, half-body, the possibility of nausea as the stomach is pressed. He takes the pillow and tells us to give him a cushion while sitting down. Blink of the eye with pain relievers.

If the person who is sick no operates, it will not hurt. It only hurts when they are on their stomachs, they want to raise the baby .. they are slightly aware, but they are not ready to cry as they do not cry as the baby cries ..
Questions need to be changed, pain not after operating? 6 hours after operate tank where the urine is removed by the nurse will tell us to get up to our own toilet. This time it just felt like my stomach was being knocked out … flowing tears to wake up ..

These epidural effects can feel immediate and lifelong. When bowing, breastfeeding, standing tall, sitting down for a while, sometimes lying down or posture may not be painful.
Not to scare, the fact of the experience of having a baby czer..not even czer, she said a year still feel the effects of her stomach cramps, but the pain just can’t keep up until now .The sacrifice of a mother and wife.

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