Estrogen Dominance Make You Gain Belly Fat

Estrogen Dominance Make You Gain Belly Fat

Why is our stomach so big ? Today I want to share a little bit of what I learned about hormones and their relation to the stomach.

What causes our stomach to swell is a situation called ESTROGEN DOMINANCE. This means that estrogen levels in our body are always high.

This estrogen is known as the female hormone. Men who have boobs in their breasts and buttocks show they have estrogen dominance. Estrogen is a hormone that causes the chest and back to form. Not surprisingly, many foundations take estrogen hormones to allow their bodies to form women.

The male hormone is known as testosterone. Boys with estrogen dominance will cause their breasts to have boobs .

Is estrogen dominance dangerous?

The real danger is that he caused a lot of complications. For men, the thing to worry about is the ED, which is the erection dysfunction of the villagers, says the bird doesn’t go up. For women, it can cause breast cancer. Also, the big back is wide and the thighs are big. The body image ran away. So for those who have big boobs, big thighs, big butt … They do have estrogen dominance.
So the question is how to control estrogen dominance.

There are 9 causes of estrogen dominance. See pictures in the comments. So to reverse this estrogen dominance we need to look back on these 9 causes. What to do ?

1. The first is to make DETOCSIFICATION. This is necessary because we want to lift the burden of toxin that our liver carries. Our heart processes nearly 500 functions in our body, but because of our lifestyle, nutrition, including these 9 causes, causes the heart to become overloaded.

Anyone ask how to do a detox? I’ve shared PROTOCOL LIVER DETOX using epsom salt, olive oil, apple cider before. This method is called LIVER FLUSHING.
There are other methods like Gerson Theraphy, Coffee Enema etc.

2. Keep Diet and NUTRITION

3. WATER AND MINIMUM DRINKING WATER. So it’s no wonder anyone is willing to take the water of the hills. Don’t let them down, they know more about the mineral content of hill water. Our home tap water contains chemicals during the treatment of water such as alum, chlorine and florida. Chlorine is actually a carcinogenic, the cause of cancer. But it has to be grounded in the fact that it kills germs but actually creates other effects that are also harmful to our health.

4. Maintain Good Bacterial Bacteria In The USUS AND BUT SYSTEMS

5. LOWER PLASTIC USE IN EAT AND DRINK. This is most disgusting … How we want to avoid these days is all plastic. Formerly wrapped in banana leaves, now wrap in plastic wrap.

Our drinking water is mostly filled with plastic containers. Have we ever seen people carry bottles of water in bamboo containers or sweet pumpkins these days?
So what does this have to do with plastic?

This plastic causes XENOESTROGEN pollution. A chemical compound that is very similar to estrogen but is synthetic. Imagine every single thing that comes in contact with plastic, and every time that xenoestrogen sneaks into our body without us realizing it. No wonder estrogen dominance can happen.

6. STRESS also causes estrogen dominance. So control our stress levels.

7. Family planning treatment also causes estrogen dominance because most contraceptive pills are estrogen type. This is my own experience taking depot provera, one year I take and cause heavy lifting, moody, body heat and low lubido.

8. Heavy metals also cause estrogen dominance. Be careful with amalgam type toothpaste. It is a heavy metal that infiltrates our bodies.

It is also caused by the presence of candida in the stomach and intestinal system. Craving causes for sweet things.

9. Change personal care such as bath soap, shampoo, face wash, toothpaste to organic. So no wonder some of us are obsessed with organic matter. This is because they have been exposed to the dangers of Xenoestrogen in materials used by cosmetics factories.

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