Facebook Fanpage Likers

Facebook Fanpage Likers

I remember, in November 2014, there was a time, we did not serve the main fan page facebook, we were busy focusing on blogging. Suddenly the page developed, dropped sharply from 90k likers to 60k likers. Due to being lazy to update, because I think there are no sales, finally this page is getting more and more bored, so up to 59k likes.

But seeing the rise of the pregnant mothers page, the great page page rises sharply organically. We think why we do not want to update this page all the time and when. Of course it can go up. Starting from last year, efforts are made, always also update the page, whether it is regular info, jokes, magic words, and also  business, finally in more than a year, it can reach 97k likers. Oklah, I can’t fight another page that is more crowded.

The importance of this page, a lot, do you remember how much you want to rent oh month and even a catfish ready to pay thousands of riban? But the Healthy Diet Diet page service is free, for our organization, #choramaticfamily, congratulations to the members who work hard for sharing here. Alhamdulillah, the best feedback, can also increase blog traffic, and get many of their business prospects.

That’s how we developed this page, for future benefits. We do not know what facebook will close later, but we know, we can not be lazy, UP discipline, update and promote must continue. This is the only way the empire can be raised by an organization, not just sitting around shaking your legs doing nothing, unless you are a paid seamstress or nightclub dancer.

Growing slowly, little by little, building a solid foundation first as Helen Lam, President of  Malaysia said. KLCC also took 3 years to build the base site only, and then it went up little by little. We see for ourselves a lot of business organizations, which rise fast, fall fast, collapse fast, because the basics are not strong and in a hurry. There are also instant noodles, things are not cooked enough, picked, the quality is not good.

We will always see nature, the creation of Allah swt, Allah is great, how it grows, that is what we should emulate. God’s creations and calculations never fail, and they are amazing. That is also the philosophy of  founder too, Dr. Forrest , look at the greatness of “Nature” and emulate it.

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