Feed The Cell For Better Health

Feed The Cell For Better Health

Unraveling the words of Haji Hussain, the maker of the guidebook in this house, a guidebook full of information and explanations of why eating  is important. Meeting with master Haji Hussain in the surau, it was our time of Asr prayers, hanging out with Mohd Kamarul Baharin, talking about the  business, ups and downs, and coming to the  family in the organization. Haji Hussain’s tips really impressed us, listening to exactly what he said.

But in the chapter on nutrition and health, Haji Husain also has a story about a friend of his, who is really healthy, even though he is old. He said he always ate , and the term “FEED THE CELL” came up. CELL needs food, and so does Naquib Hussain, his mighty son and the same story, from the first class I heard him say, until now, that is an important concept to be healthy.

When we eat right, if we want to feel different, we have to take MEGADOSE, EXTRADOSE, SUPERDOSE, and various DOSE vitamin , it will really feel good. Again when studying again, why do we have headaches, colds, drowsiness, it all shows, symptoms, our body is sick. First if you have a cold, take cold medicine, if you have a headache, take panadol. But when you understand the concept of CELL, you just understand, every function of our body, it all starts with CELL, if the body starts to feel cold, and dizzy, it means our body is tired, tired, unhealthy, CELL needs food, rest, and energy to regain energy.

If you really want to treat this CELL, the answer is to change VIVIX, which does treat up to the level of CELL. The most recent story is of course the experience of MOHD HUZAIFAH that I told before. It’s a crazy difference when we give CELL we eat. Must eat good things, not for him to eat snacks and MSG and preservatives.

When properly detox, eat  vegetables like Alfalfa, Herb-lax, Peppermint, Garlic, DTX, the body will feel delicious, energetic. That has not touched the source of natural caffien CINCH TEA MIX, it can eliminate drowsiness and restore freshness. This is indeed my favourite, this  vegetable.

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