Hair Loss Problem

Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss!! Who ever? Once a hairbrush, zapppp! One piece of hair got caught. As late as 4-5 strands is ok again. This is a mess, or worse, a lump! What would be the effect on him if he were a man?

Men and women alike, have the potential to deal with this hair loss.

If you want to know there are 3 kinds of BASIC VITAMIN TYPES for this problem.

1. Zinc

Symptoms of hair fall or symptoms that we normally have are low in zinc. This zinc helps the oil glands near our hair follicles to “work” better. Oh yes, Zinc can also give us shiny hair.

2. Protein

Almost all hair is made of protein. Enough protein will give us strong, healthy hair! Lack of protein will cause low hair growth and easy miscarriage.

3. Vitamin B

Biotin is a very popular and popular form of Vitamin B for hair loss. There are studies on biotin related to hair loss. And other types of Vitamin B help in the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen with nutrients in our hair. All of these processes are very important for the hair growth we want.

So if you have a hair loss then don’t let it slide. The reef is bald, it is difficult to fix it.

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