Herbal Blend Shaklee

Herbal Blend Shaklee

Let’s get in touch with BLEND HERBAL. HERBAL BLEND has many privileges and not many other creams out there.

✏Cold on the skin
✏Offer natural herbal extracts
✏No greasy
✏Easy to absorb It’s nice
✏Easy to use
✏Easy to carry
✏ Suitable for all groups
✏No parabens and steroids


🔮 Softens skin / heels @ shatter
🔮Help treat milk rash / hot rash / diaper rash / face / head rash
🔮Remove wounds and treat eczema
🔮 Relieves insect / mosquito bites
🔮Remove acne scars / scars of light chicken pox
🔮 Daily lotion for dry skin
🔮 Sore body massage cream
🔮 Treat minor burn scars
🔮 Relieves body / head when not feeling well
🔮 Treats itching due to insect bites
🔮Thank wounds or burns lightly
🔮Lap on the nipple for breastfeeding mothers
🔮Remove scars
🔮 Daily lotions
🔮Charge the stomach to provide comfort to your stomach

📌 Anyone who can use BLEND HERBAL

Male and female
💖 There will be a mother who will lose the eyes / baby
💖The ones who want skin are always beautiful and soft
💖 Children with frequent scabs and itching
Age Gold citizens

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