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I am a graduate of electrical engineering at UTM and 6 years be an engineer in Big Telecommunication Company in Malaysia. I was like any other ordinary women and mom who is struggling to breastfeed my 1st daughter in 2010.


My job scope which is have to work in site, travel south to northern make me tired, not have enough time to consistent in pumping. When our body don’t have enough nutrition, energy, breast milk production became slow and i need to find way to to increase it.


I meet Master Lyna Noh in facebook group and she introduce me Shaklee Supplement for breastfeeding. After try that supplement, i feel energetic, healthy and my breast milk production increase. Before that when pumping I only got 3oz, 5 oz but after using Shaklee i can get 10oz, 12oz in 1 session pumping. After that, i’m try to find supplement for weight loss . I found Master Hadhatina’s blog and bought Lecithin from her. The result was very impressive when I lost 4kg in 1 week.


Early 2012, Master Hadhtina registered me as Shaklee member. in May 2012, i decided to do Shaklee Business seriously. Shaklee is business for all especially for stay at home home, housewife, working person who want to do part time business. After 2 yeras doing this business, i decided to resign as an engineer and be a working at home mom and doing shaklee business full time.


I love being an engineer. my ambition since childhood but i have to choose between career and family. 6 years stuck in traffic jam , wake up early morning every day to go to work and back home 9-10pm. what a hectic life !!! 2 years i’m become a working at home mom. a wonderful life that i had.





I live in shah alam, home city of Selangor, hahaha, my family moved to shah alam in 1985. So, it almost 32 years, I live in shah alam, and never imagine that I can be work-at-home-dads through shaklee business platform. Before this, start 2007, after my degree, I started to follow my academics intuition, maybe I want to be lecturer. I start doing my master and finish it in 2009. Later on I continue my studies in University of Malaya, as I got an offer to be a tutor, with my mother helps. OK, everyone dreaming to get doctorate honor degree, oh that me one of them, but somehow I need some rest, and continue to follow my wife, doing Shaklee business until now.


First thing I love about this business because I was shocked to see kids running and playing, while all mothers learning SEO and BLOGGING, conducted by Master Lyna at Sara Kids Puchong. For the first time, I know this business could be interesting. Before this, we have to go night class, but have to leave our daughter at home. Not so good at that time, selling corset and find people who can invest RM 20000 for joining business. Oh what the heaven !!! So playing with kids, that was the first time I met my upline, Master Hadhatina aka Mommy and Master Kamarul aka MKB.


After my wife become supervisor, I said we can go further in this business, next I learn to blogging, hahah, for the first time, I have my own domain, and then I forgot to renew it, hehehe. OK, just blogspot, not so good like other blogs like celikvitamin, so I focusing on writing about shaklee,business,sports, and arts, from my point of view. Later on, we build our blog Diet Diet Sihat, our shaklee blog, working together with my wife. Ok now, I challenge myself to write in English for the new cycle 2016/17, thanks to Master Zainul and Master Lyna for this challenges.


Ok, now the English I write so horrible, but the thing I want to say, my best experience so far when we qualified for the first time to attend international conferences. I need to go, because at that time, my wife in confinement period. For the first time my feet touch USA , LA, and San Francisco, Hoo, I could see myself , the real Shaklee Head Quarters, so green and green. OK, that our best achievement so far. Hahaha.


Through out many years, many challenges, turbulence in business, people come and go, I choose to stay with shaklee, because Shaklee changes our thought on health, on wealth, we sell great products, that always works. If you read our first entry, you will see how people, find new hope, new life by consume shaklee products. From that, we want to help more people, we want to promote products that totally safe and works. There so many products out there, but so sad it contains mercury, and so many chemical, which not good for longer period of health.


Lastly, I just want to say Alhamdulillah, we have such a great Chromatic Family, friends from Supermom, Ireach, Jutawan, Euphoria and above. I want to thanks my upline, and super super uplines, for helping us, giving us opportunity to join this business. OK Bye !!!





our big project, big legacy, for future, for our beloved daughters. This is our shakle blog, focusing on health, business, shaklee products and more. All written in bahasa




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