Home Quarantine Patients Covid19

Home Quarantine Patients Covid19

‘Home-quarantine patients must update status via apps’

PUTRAJAYA: Covid-19 patients who are allowed to undergo quarantine at home are required to self-regulate by updating their daily health status in the MySejahtera application.

According to the present protocol on Covid-19 case management, only Level One and Level Two patients below the age of 60 and free from any underlying health illness, as well as those depending on the assessment conducted by Covid-19 Assessment Centres (CACs), are allowed to undergo quarantine at home.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba said Level One patients referred to those who tested positive for Covid-19, but did not display any symptom, while Level Two patients referred to those with mild symptoms.

“They (Level One and Level Two patients) are required to update their daily health status via the MySejahtera app.

“In the event that their symptoms worsen, they can contact CACs or health district offices, or even call 999 if they require ambulance assistance.

“They can also go to the nearest CAC or health facilities (if their symptoms worsen and require further treatment),” he said yesterday.

Information entered in MySejahtera would be channelled to a health district office or CAC for further action, he said.

Under the present home quarantine procedures, the CAC would assess the size of the house and the number of occupants based on explanations from patients before allowing them to undergo treatment at their homes.

“Patients without any symptom and those who have mild symptoms, with underlying health illness, although they are below the age of 60, or if their house is regarded as unsuitable or without proper ventilation by the CAC, are required to undergo quarantine at the nearest available Low-Risk Treatment Centre.

“Therefore, patients must be honest and provide accurate information when they are assessed by the CAC to determine if they are allowed to undergo quarantine at home or otherwise,” said Dr Adham, adding that there were 216 CACs in the country.

Level One and Two patients, he said, could also voluntarily request to be admitted to the nearest Low-Risk Treatment Centre if they were concerned about the safety of family members living in the same house.

He said Level Two patients who displayed moderate symptoms and Level Three cases (patients with respiratory issues, such as pneumonia) would be admitted to Low-Risk Treatment Centres.

Level Four patients, referring to those who have developed inflammation in the lungs, and Level Five patients (those in the late stages of the illness and require ventilator support), would be admitted to the nearest hospitals for treatment.

Dr Adham also said the Health Ministry would investigate claims by people, particularly family members of Covid-19 patient, on social media.

They claimed that they did not receive wristbands when undergoing quarantine as close contacts to a Covid-19 patient, and that health authorities were late in their response to family members’ urgent inquiries and concerns.

“We will investigate the matter. If it is true and that we can identify where the issue had occurred, the respective PKD would be instructed to take the necessary action,” said Dr Adham.

Source : NST

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