How To Detect Autism or ADHD ?

How To Detect Autism or ADHD ?

How do we know if our child is normal or has Autism or ADHD? when he feels that he is a bit different from his peers. In children’s blue or pink books there is a MCHAT (Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers) test.

1. Make an Autism and ADHD screening test online.

google “mchat test online”, “autism test online” and “adhd test online” and go to all kinds of websites that have this free screening test.

We only need to answer the question honestly between 15-50 questions depending on the site.

2. Receive an initial response with an open heart.

All of the test results , please have made assume that your child has autism. Almost all of them gave the same answer that it is possible for child to have HFA (High Functioning Autism) and to consult an expert.

3. Contact your nearest health clinic or hospital.

Some friends suggested that we can go to a private specialist because they didn’t have to wait long.

For those less fortunate, you can go to a nearby health clinic and tell them about your child and about the Mchat test you have done. They will refer the case to a nearby hospital.

You can also call the hospital where you have a psychiatric unit, tell us about our child’s problems and the tests we have done and ask the appoinment to see a specialist.

4. Screening by Experts.

The specialist will interview the parent in the presence of the child once. Children are left to play and to act.

After evaluating all my answers and observing my son’s behavior, the doctor stated that he had HFA or Asperger’s.

The doctor recommends that the child be taken to the child development unit for Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. The child should also go to the Child Psychiatrist for observation and an IQ test.

5. Therapy and Assessment sessions

Next time it will take time. Every month has to go to the hospital for the child to undergo all the necessary therapies and tests. We have to sacrifice this time.

In addition, doctors will also provide questionnaires for parents and school or kindergarten teachers to answer.

6. Decisions.

After all the therapy sessions and tests have been conducted and all the assessments from the questionnaire or questionnaire have been made, then confirmation will be made whether our child is normal or special. This process takes about 7-12 months.

Once we know the decision, it’s easier for us to plan and act on the needs of our children.

So, for parents who feel that their child has different characteristics, try doing that screening first. If the decision tells you that you need to see an expert then go for the child’s future.

Do not cause fear or phobia with the title “disabled” then the children are denied treatment and also their right to education and services according to their status.

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