How To Enlarge Your Network ?

How To Enlarge Your Network ?

Experts say rich people, ordinary people look for WORKS, rich people look for and raise NETWORKS. does it seem that the network is not important? The more you do MLM business, the more important it is. But I want to tell you, this network is a glamorous name, many acquaintances, the answer is great opportunities and stories about you and your product people will know, there are sales opportunities going up and going up when the networks are big.

Actually, there are many ways to expand the network, the best way is to OPEN YOUR MOUTH, that’s it, if you are diligent in opening your mouth, diligent in chatting, the answer is you can get prospects, just want to follow up, and then you can get sales, whether members buy , nor can you get a new downline in MLM. The best story is that during the time of Haji Roslan, the downline of Haji Hussin was down, just because Haji Roslan opened his mouth and the story about  business.

Times are changing with all kinds of technology. That is still something to be ashamed of. If you want to enliven more contacts, open fb add many people and share every goodness about products and business. That is the best, and taboo, do not want to ruin your competitors in the same business.

God’s sustenance is vast, only we migrate, change, there is hope that the network will be big. There is one more point, about friendship, this is power, the way to keep the network from getting damaged. Until there is a hadith about sustenance and friendship. Keep moving and keep moving, keep meeting and keep meeting, keep opening your mouth. God willing, your network is BIG !!!

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