How to Reduce Back Pain During Pregnancy

How to Reduce Back Pain During Pregnancy

If it hurts, don’t let us know. Ask a specialist right away, because the slower we get, the slower we get.

Move slowly. You may be an active person and not feel the effects, but when it comes time to go to bed, it hurts.

Get enough rest by sitting on a chair with a cushion or pillow to support our back.

Avoid lifting or pushing heavy items (shopping carts can actually make you sick!)

When preparing to wear pants, be sure to sit down and cover them. Pull the clothes up to the thighs before standing up to complete the application. Never wear this kind of clothing in a standing position.

Step one by one as you climb the stairs

Avoid sitting with your feet bare. If you need to separate our legs from each other, do so slowly and make sure your back is curved.

Avoid breastfeeding. If necessary, be careful when doing so.

Always do pelvic floor exercises and lower extremities. Both exercises can reduce tension on the pelvic floor.

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