Greetings to all. This time I want to tell you a little story about my experience using open source widgets near the virtual world. Hooo, oklah, for today, after I cooked a piece of roti canai and hot lemon tea, my body remained energized and wanted to share a few tips with you about these 2 gadgets, Nrelate and linkwithin. Oklah what is this thing? Is he as powerful as  vitamins? Oklah for starters, I will tell you a little bit about its history, and the importance of gadgets like that to your blog !!!

Oklah, you have seen this thing, after reading a post near the blog, you must have seen there is a blogger, related posts after his blog. Hooo, why put it? It is not sinful to put it, but it is a way you want to engage and keep your blog readers continue to read interesting articles. And it is proven and believed by many experts out there related posts help in terms of traffic and also your blog SEO !!!

Ok, how do you want to setup this, if you google it, there are various ways, some for your own coding, and the easiest is that you can use the template that already has this gadget. There is a form of writing and there are also interesting types of small pictures, so here, if you; put a picture of a cute artist like nora danish, emma maembong or a picture of fat rozita che wan of course many people want to click on the thumbnail, ish ish ish. Oklah, in the internet there are also many 3rd parties that provide this template, the most popular is definitely Linkwithin, many bloggers have this gadget !!!

Linkwithin is really popular, but although it is popular, I also try to use linkwithin, but there are also many problems and things that are not best when used, so among the things that are not best are

Restricted – Linkwithin has its limits, and its limit can only be displayed up to 5 posts, and at least 3 posts,
Cannot Edit – this thing can not be edited, because after registering the email, then continue to setup, and we can not want to edit very much.
There is always a problem – although it is easy to install, but sometimes there is a problem, and I continue to face that problem
Location problem – there is a slight location problem when using linkwithin, again those who try to place the auto read more function in the blog, so it is less tidy, when we see the linkwithin is once near the front page of our blog
Backlinks – the problem that most people do not like is linkwithin like backlinks to their website first before going to our web, so the calculation is a little slow and not much to cun for SEO crazy

I want to edit the blog for the relatives of Rumah Mesra Ceria, I also looked for the best alternative to replace this linkwithin, and finally I found a cooler nrelate. But many do not know, the reason may be familiar with linkwithin. Some of the advantages of this relationship are

Lots of Posts – can chase up to 10 posts
Easy to Edit – can edit, just put the wording or want the thumbnail is cute and small
it feels like there is less problem like the link witihn sometimes can not want to install
Take a moment to really appear

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