Many People Want Results

Many People Want Results

Many people want results.

But I don’t want to go through things to get it.

Many want to succeed but feel unworthy to try. When you see the result in others, you feel angry, disappointed.

While people who get good results are because they qualify themselves for effort. They do not think they are too noble to get everything just like that. They feel so small, that they are willing not to sleep at night to achieve their dreams.

If we glorify ourselves by feeling that every painful endeavor is not worth it and does not match for us … let us not look at those who succeed as lucky, it is easy for him to get … no … they learn from 0, climb from below, fall wake up all, humble to learn and relearn

Learn not to glorify yourself by expecting everything to happen to us by itself and easily.

Be humble, try really hard. That is our sunnatullah in this world.

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