Muscadine Grape Rarest In The World

Muscadine Grape Rarest In The World

Nature’s Rarest Grape Muscadine Grape – Among 8,000 types of grapes in the world, Muscadine grape is one of the biggest and rarest grapes available. Big, bold and packed with antioxidants, it caught the attention of scientists , who made it available for all in the form of a healthy, highly concentrated beverage.

The Power Of Muscadine Grape

Stop! Are you throwing the skin and seeds away? Did you know that the skin and seeds of Muscadine grapes contain the highest concentration of antioxidants? patented extraction process enables you to reap all the health benefits so you can live vibrantly with this delicious botanical drink!

Muscadine Facts
Muscadine Grapes are native to the southeastern United States.
The muscadine grape is known as America’s first grape. Roanoke Island, NC is home to the oldest known grapevine in the United States. The 400 year old mother vine has a trunk over two feet thick.
Muscadine Grapes are available from August through early October.
They are large, thick-skinned grapes that typically contain 4 large seeds. They can be bronze or black in color.
Muscadine grapes are one of the so-called “slip-skin” varieties, meaning their skins and flesh are easily separated.
Muscadines are among the richest sources of antioxidants found in nature.
Muscadines are also fat-free, high in fiber, low in sodium and an excellent source of manganese.
Thicker Skin and Seed = Powerful Antioxidants

Muscadine grape has thicker skin and seed than normal grapes from your local grocer.

Its unique attributes enabled it to be more resistant to pest and thrive in hot, sandy conditions.
Its skin and seed contain 6 to 8 times more antioxidants than a blueberry, protecting it against diseases, viruses, bacteria, pests and mold.
Good news! Reap the same antioxidant protection toward your body when you consume it!
Extra Chromosome = Extra Antioxidant Power

Muscadine grape has a total of 20 chromosomes compared to 19 chromosomes in other grapes.

This unique additional chromosome enabled Muscadine grape to produce the highest amount of ellagic acid among grapes.
A type of polyphenol, ellagic acid has been found to be a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria and anti-viral agent.
Polyphenols = Your Health’s Best Friends

Its high concentration of polyphenols has been found to be effective in maintaining good health due to its great antioxidant source which:

Boost energy production
Promote younger, healthier-looking skin
Regulate healthy blood pressure and glucose levels
Maintain cell health

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