Non Ergonomic Carrier Are Not Suitable For Baby

Non Ergonomic Carrier Are Not Suitable For Baby

Lately it’s been great to see parents who carry children in non ergonomic carriers and facing forward. Many parents who are not aware or not aware of non ergonomic carrier and facing forward like in this picture are not suitable and bad for baby.

This morning they found a family, the father was in a carrier but the baby was facing forward depending on the baby’s position. If the little baby can talk he must tell that he is not comfortable with the particular position.

We also had zero knowledge about this carrier. There is also a hipseat carrier buy which is we think oh baby must be comfortable in this. Having studied science is so hypseat it’s not suitable for baby. The baby’s bones are soft. The effects of long-term use can affect the baby’s spine.

Sometimes when we are near the airport we are very careful to tell our parents. So far it was okay and there was talk of it that I didn’t even know. Those who do not know it are fine. Who knows but still do the same way please change your ways. Sometimes it feels like having flyers regarding ergonomic carrier and the best position to carry your baby in carrier.

Hip seat carrier is not recommended for you. Look for ergonomic carriers. Nowadays there are many types of ergonomic carriers with affordable prices. The mommy carriers that mommy is wearing now also buy mommy preloved je. Or you can rent before buying. The best baby position in the carrier must be M shaped. If the baby’s leg slides down, you can’t do it.

So parents, please be aware and concerned about the baby’s position in the carrier. Poor baby in the carrier but not comfortable. Be diligent in your search for knowledge and search for what is hip dysplasia. Don’t be cheap and forget about your baby’s condition and comfort.

One of the carriers that ergonomic parents can find and buy is cuddle me, tugeda, nana (this feels like an affordable price). Another expensive kid is ergobaby and so on.

You can join the Malaysian Babywearers Malaysian Babywearers (Official) group to learn more about baby wearing.

Parents who want to buy ergonomic SSC can go to facebook Parenting Cafe or can buy near shopee. There are so many interesting designs you know.

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