Nutrition Crisis

Nutrition Crisis


Insufficient vitamins & minerals can increase your risk of health problems. Because we are prone to heart disease, cancer and plain bone (osteoporosis).

Insufficient vitamin B may lead to nerve damage, possibly permanent damage and anemia (hemoglobin deficiency).

Without enough vitamin C, the body cannot produce enough collagen. Collagen is the most important tissue in the body, not just the skin.

In cases of severe vitamin C deficiency, a person is exposed to scurvy – a blood vessel disease where the gums become swollen & bleeding, joint pain, fatigue and red spots on the skin.

Insufficient vitamin D is also the cause of rickets in children. Chiropractic disease is a bone disorder that causes the bones to become soft & fragile and at risk of defects.

Meanwhile for adults, vitamin D deficiency contributes to bone health problems, high blood pressure, some cancers & autoimmune diseases.

These are just a few vitamins, while many of the vitamins and minerals we feel are needed in small amounts but are extremely important for health.

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