Planta Fasciitis – Common Problem In The Heel

Planta Fasciitis – Common Problem In The Heel


It is a common problem in the heel. This occurs when the ligament starts to become weak and torn. This results in inflammation in the heel and throughout the foot. But the pain is more concentrated in the heel (calceneus bone) where the ligament is attached.

Ligament tissue damage causes inflammation and thus causes pain especially early in the morning. This is because at night the tissue damage and the inflammation gradually heal. So the patient always feels comfortable in the middle of the night. However, in the early morning when the patient tried to step on the floor and put pressure on the foot and ligament of Plantar Fascia this caused the patient to feel pain again. This is the reason why patients feel pain in the early morning when they step on the floor.

However, it becomes less and less painful when the patient starts to work, when the foot tissue begins to warms up. However, this condition (pain-free period) will not be long if the patient is standing for long periods of time at work, doing intense physical activity or standing up for a long time. Often the pain is described as a pain in the heel such as burns, punctures and pulses.

I recommend a home-tested tip, to reduce this leg pain. For those who are tired of painkillers, this tip is very helpful. This is done by soaking your feet in a bowl of ice. At first it may be uncomfortable, but after a while, it will provide relief. Start by using a little rock / ice water first before using a lot of ice.

To alleviate the pain of Plantar Fascitis, the most commonly prescribed medicine is painkillers. But if it hurts too much, injection on a sore heel will provide immediate relief. However, not all doctors are able to give this injection effectively.

Also, less effective but helpful treatment in the long term is the use of sound waves. It is called extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT), a type of sound wave that is given to damaged tissues to speed up the healing process. The last route may be surgery to reduce pain.

Long-term effects, if treatment is not provided, patients will experience improper gait (gait) to reduce this pain. It has a mechanical effect on the ankles, knees and hip joints.

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