Researcher Love VIVIX – Why VIVIX 2016 Better Than 2008 ?

Researcher Love VIVIX – Why VIVIX 2016 Better Than 2008 ?

Hi everybody, today is monday  in Malaysia, maybe not too late to said happy fasting for all muslims around the world. Just want to share with you about vivix again. Every time i write, i must share about vivix,vivix,vivix, not thing different ? Its all about Shaklee always do research, improve their formula. Now Shaklee claim their polyphenol ingredients is 13 more powerful than resveratrol it self. With more advanced technology, more research and findings to come, with more improved formula. Researcher love vivix because of this.

Why Researcher love Vivix

Vivix works at cellular level. yes, every part  of your body, my body, organs start from tiny  tiny cell. Thats mean, if you want to prevent yourself  from disease, or if you want to recover  yourself from sick,  you need to give your cell enough nutrition, essential nutrition. This powerful effect of vivix  attracts this women below, how she found that vivix was so powerful to her life, after studies  and studies about cellular health. Don’t forget also many testimonials about vivix in my blogs. So please share with  your family and friends.

VIVIX :13 X More Powerful Than Resveratrol

Shaklee Corporations, with Dr David Sinclair have working together to produce, a special patent-pending liquid called VIVIX. Vivix is a combination of resveratrol-polyphenol, which contains 4 super ingredients, muscadine grapes, european elderberries, purple carrots and polyganum cuspidatum. Our blog’s name inspired from this powerful fruits potent, with high concentration ellagitannins and ellagic acid. This cellular anti-aging supplements have several health benefits icluding:

  • Helps and protects cellular DNA
  • Impact genetic regulators to fight cellular aging
  • Promotes mitochondrial biogenesis, with increase the cell energy
  • Reduces the AGE protein
  • Supports heart health and cardiovascular function
  • Supports brain health
  • Enhances immune system
  • Promotes cellular longevity
  • Higher antioxidant to fight free radicals


Do you want to pay thousands of hospital bills  ? or just RM 500 per month for VIVIX ? Grab your vivix today. You can click down the link below for online payment, where shaklee will post your vivix to your house/office. Call us now, we will deliver your vivix. We accept COD in Shah alam, Klang, Petaling Jaya, Menara TM, and UM. Gets your vivix NOW.

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