Shaklee Business Always Great

Shaklee Business Always Great


Last week I met this aunty, JB, she asked what did you do?

I’m in the biz network marketing.

He asked which one?

I said Shaklee (not my real name).

He said..
… Oooh I know Shukree. Are you high?

I said I’m a Master Coordinator. It’s been 10 years for the biz.

He said … whoever made Shaklrr’s biz was great. Shaklee’s asbestos has always been affected. Toxic insults speak. From then until now work has been cruel. But u made it through. U is great.

God, I didn’t even notice that. For me, all businesses have their own challenges.

I’m glad I learned the hard way. It’s hard to say how difficult it can be especially emotionally …, external, internal, left, right. But that’s what makes me mine.

The hard part is 2 things, whether it builds you, or it crushes you. But … things can be built, what to do.

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