Shaklee Detox

Shaklee Detox

12 signs you should follow the DETOX SHAKLEE program.

I want to touch on this sugar craving. Since I’ve been conducting a detox team for the past 2 years, I have generally admitted that I have lost my appetite for sweet things.

Sugar craving is gone!

Including the can-not-drink-water-sweet, after following this detox program there is no need to drink sweet. I like to drink empty water.

Some people who follow a strict diet usually experience sugar & food craving, causing them to feel ‘forced’ to refrain from eating … because a strict diet that lowers their diet makes them less nutritious. When the body is depleted of certain nutrients, we tend to eat more.

That’s not what the Detox Shaklee program is all about. We reset the nutrition to the rich. When we have enough nutrients, we are not craving any more.

Let’s reset to a healthy lifestyle. When we are healthy, it’s easier to take care of others.

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