Shaklee ESP Soy Protein

Shaklee ESP Soy Protein

Assalamualaikum all, throughout the week Thank God Shaklee had so much demand and product order. Announce 3 times a week Shaklee HQ shuttle for a customer order restock product. Luckily it came early near the HQ, because it had a lot of wholesale, if it had to be late. Shaklee’s product has proven to be much more reliable and reliable than ever before.

Ok today to tell you and explain more about ESP SHAKLEE which is always ON DEMAND and BEST SELLER ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, before I wants to talk to you guys that this ESP is NOT for women to cope with! don’t misunderstand. This ESP is good for everyone. The unmarried, the married, the elderly, even children above the age of one pound can drink. Dannnn, man can drink. So, if the wife has bought it, she can share it with her children and husband. complete ๐Ÿ™‚

Why Do Many Like ESP and Hot Our Products?

1) ESP makes your face beautiful, delicate, fluffy and radiant

2) ESP removes sagging breasts and restores your breast beauty

3) ESP provides energy, body health and fatigue

4) For breastfeeding mothers, ESP is extremely -It helps to produce milk faster and is one of the great milkbooster

5) ESP also helps to thicken and thicken milk, which means your baby will be full sooner and less uniform

6) For pregnant women, ESP helps the fetus develop and Ensure maternal health at optimum level

7) Quickly fill and assist in weight management.

8) Able to eliminate acne scars in the face, due to scarring due to lack of protein to form new cells and get rid of dead skin cells.

9) Effectively reduce eczema and skin problems

Lots of emails, how are you going to enjoy this ESP? Most famous question. Ok near the bottom are 3 recipes of ESP shake that I always drinks besides mixing with warm water ๐Ÿ™‚

1 teaspoon ESP + Milo mix
1 teaspoon ESP + Orange Sunquick.
1 teaspoon of ESP + Air Dutch Lady flavored Strawberry

Ok here are 3 ESP recipes that I always drink. If you want to go faster, I’ll mix it with warm water and shake it !!

Ok you need to know, this ESP is in yeast. Get mixed with warm water / juice / milo / horlicks / milk to drink.

remember, do not mix with hot water ok, mix with warm water / cook. Normal mixing will get a taste of authenticity



1 tsp ESP + Fresh Milk (Irrigated with milk or milk powder)
1 tbsp of ESP + Milo
1 tbsp of ESP + Twister Orange
1 tablespoon ESP + Fresh Milk + dates
1 tbsp of ESP + Ribena
1 teaspoon ESP + Nesvita 3 in 1
1 tbsp of ESP + Anmum Milk
1 tablespoon ESP + fruit mix and blend
1 teaspoon ESP + Horlicks
1 teaspoon ESP + Nestle Bliss
1 tbsp of ESP + Mealshake / Performance Drink / Cinch Shake
1 tbsp of ESP + Your Favorite Water

Sometimes forgets to eat breakfast, so breakfast will complement breakfast with ESP before doing anything. highly recommends that you go to class / college / work early in the morning not to eat, drink ESP.

You can avoid the stomach ache that sounds weird: this ESP can fill us in, so learning time / work comfortably while staying energized.

Do not mix with hot water, caffeine or carbonated water as it may be detoxified.

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