Shaklee Raw Materials Problem

Shaklee Raw Materials Problem

During the call today, Our C.E.O., Roger Barnett, was discussing our exploding business, and the high demand for our products right now. He was discussing the great challenge we face in getting the raw materials we need from around the world.

Because Shaklee quality is such a huge issue with our sales leaders and customers, I thought you might want to read the transcript of this exchange between V.P. of sales for North America, Jeff Pierson – and Roger Barnett.

Jeff Pierson: There was a question in the chat that asked, “Are we going to compromise on our standards in an effort to source raw materials?”

Roger Barnett: “Well, we have a tradition for the last 64 years. If we do not find quality material, we will go out of stock. We’ve always done that, and we always will. We will never put into our product, anything that is not 100% vetted to Shaklee standards. So, please rest assured that we would not sacrifice, or compromise, any of our quality standards – or any of our testing standards to get you products.

Because one thing this company has, and the one thing we have earned over the last six plus decades, is trust. And we will never violate that trust – both for you, or your customers.

And basically the principle is very simple. For every single product that Shaklee makes … the question is, would I give it to my children? What would our scientists give it to their children? And when we provide it for you – the answer is, of course, we will never make anything that we would not give to our children. And that’s what makes us different. And so, 100% – yes – we will always maintain our quality standards.”

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