Silent Heart Attack

Silent Heart Attack


We may have a heart attack without knowing that we are experiencing it.

It is most frightening when some of those who have been silently attacked by heart disease have died in their sleep.

Silent heart attack or silent myocardial infarction (SMI) accounts for 45% of total heart attack. Women are not immune to this problem even though most victims are men.

What does it mean to be silent? It refers to the absence of symptoms commonly experienced by these heart attack victims.

For example, they have no strong chest pain, no pain in the shoulders, arms or neck, no sweating and no breathing.

Only mild or more severe chest pain, and sometimes tiredness throughout the day or slight nausea and vomiting.

This mild chest pain can be misdiagnosed as gastric.

Many also ignore these signs because they think they are harmless. They may reason that they may not be getting enough sleep, or not getting enough rest or maybe because of stress. They fell asleep, eventually got stronger attacks and died.

So if we are older, and have mild chest pain, do a doctor’s check. Do not let.

Good luck.

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