Skin Care TIPS

Skin  Care TIPS

Skin Care Care TIPS


Avoid wearing face wash as it has chemicals that can damage your face.

Do not mix beauty products at your own risk as you are worried about the mixture that will cause damage to the face.

Practice mixing tea powder and honey. It works like a scrub and can also be applied to the arms and neck.

Hot steam can heat up the pores of the skin and reduce the production of sebum oil.

Cold powder and honey mask. Mix cold powder and 2 tablespoons honey and make it look like a mask on the face. Do it for 30 minutes before going to bed and rinse with water.

Egg white mask or cucumber starch. Apply cucumber starch and make it look like a mask on your face and let it dry. Then rinse with water.

Drink green tea once or twice a day. Green tea is great for acne-reducing antioxidants.

Use vegetable oil as a face moisturizer.

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