South Africa Unites To Win Rugby World Cup 2019

South Africa Unites To Win Rugby World Cup 2019

3 months ago, we were exploring Cape Town, South Africa. South Africa we know well on the basis of Apartheid. Although Nelson Mandela is said to have liberated his country from the policies of Apartheid, the fact is that they still have some socioeconomic problems in the country.

– they have ethnicity (from Europe, Asia, Africa) as a citizen
– they have two nations per ethnic group
– For every nation, they have their own tribes
– and every tribe, there is a lot of tribes

In short, they are so diverse that even small things become national issues. To this day, they still struggle to unite. Although things get better, racism and corruption still haunt their socioeconomic situation.

Until their unemployment rate is up to 30% or 1/3 adults aren’t working. Which, ridiculously high. So high has become the fourth worst country in the world.

Even so, last night’s Rugby World Cup finale, South Africa won! Although the country is struggling with lot of issues, but in rugby they are united. Although they have problems, but in the dream of retiring the rugby trophy, they overcame their distrust and stayed focused on winning!


We may have a history of each other. We all have challenges in life. We all have that little voice that says “Screw me, you can do this”. But, if you really want to achieve your dream of living, you have to overcome that whimsy.

We have to overcome fear to move forward.

And do the right thing, no matter what.

That is the only way to progress and make your dream come true.

Believe me, you can do it. We believe corps can. Unbelievable, it’s just your little voice. Overcome the demon whisper, and go down first!

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